Just in time for Fathers Day, make this easy shirt card.


Materials needed:
Color me irresistible paper

2015-2016 envelope paper


Score board

Glue dots


Whisper white card stock

1. Cut color me paper 8 1/” x 5 1/2″ and score in half at 4 1/4″.

2.  Open up and put in your trimmer at 1″ cut from the left side to the middle score and then 1 1/2″ after that. Lift up your trimmer and bring the blade to the other side, cut that side 1 1/2″. Now put back in the trimmer horizontally and cut off that 1″ flap at the score line so all you have left is two 1 1/2″ flaps on both sides.

3.  With the smaller part in the back fold the two tabs so the points meet forming the collar.

4.  Add a whisper white piece of card stock cut 4″ x 4 1/4″ to the mddle inside flap of the card.

5. Now for the tie, cut a piece of 4″ x 4″ piece of envelope paper and then fold it in half diagonally from corner to corner. Open up the paper and fold in the flaps diagonally again and flip over. Fold the top point down to in between the two points and then half way back up again. Fold it up one more time about three quarters up, next fold under the two side little notches and flip over. Fold in sides diagonally one more and tack down flaps with glue dots. Then flip over and you have your tie, adhere to the card and add a rhinestone to the center.

6. You can add a sentiment if you wish but I did not. The last but not least tack down the collar with glue dots.


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