Straw Holder


Materials needed:

Chip board 12″ X 12″

DSP four cut 7 1/2″ x 2″ and two cut 2″ X 2″

Score board



1/2″ punch



Tear n tape or sticky strip


1. Cut chip board 12″ X 9 1/2″ and then with the 12″ side at the top of the score board, score at 2 1/4 on each side. Turn and score at 2 1/4″, 4 1/2″, 6 3/4″, and 9″. Fold all score lines.

2. Add the pieces of DSP to the outside of the box and assemble the box using tear n tape or sticky strip. Adhere the 1/2″ strip to the opposite side of the box and then adhere the bottom together.

3. Fill your box with straws and then cut off two of the flaps that are opposite each other. With the other two punch a 1/2″ circle in both sides being sure to line up the holes. Close up using Velcro and add an embellishment to the top.

Your stats should shake right out if the holes are lined up right. This way your straws will stay clean.


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