Spring Candy Bowl

This is very easy to do
Materials needed:
Gum all green card stock
Scraps df bright color card stock
Fringe scissors
2 1/2inch circle punch
Sticky strip
Petite petal punch
1/2 inch circle punch

Punch two 2 1/2 inch circles out of gumball green card stock
Cut a strip out of gumball green card stock that measures 11×3
Score with. The short side at the top at 1/4. Inch down the 11 inch side.
Take the fringe scissors and fringe the opposite side about 2 inches down all the way across.


Put sticky strip all around the edges of the 2 1/2 inch circle
Make slits in the 1/4 inch fold
Take that fold and adhere it to the sticky strip
Push down well and when you come to the end put on more sticky strip and adhere down.
Take the other circle and cut off just a little bit around the circle, then adhere to the inside of the bowl.
Punch out 7 flowers from the petite petal punch
And seven 1/2 inch circles
Adhere circles to the flower and adhere 3 flowers to the bowl bottom and 4 for the top.
For the top adhere two flowers together on a blade of grass.
Fill with jelly beans or candy


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Tag topper punch

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Triangle Box


Materials needed:
Card stock
Sticky strip
Corner rounder
Stamp your choice
Scalloped circle punch

Card stock your choice in color cut 8 x 11
Score on the long side at 2 and 9 inches
Turn and score at 1, 3, 5, & 7 inches
Fold score lines
On the short side and the middle box mark the middle and then score from the middle down to next score line, so it looks like an up side down v .
Repeat this on the other side.
Cut off all .4 rectangles on all 4 corners, the end ones.
On long side cut on the first outer score line to the next score line
Round off the corners
Sticky strip the 4 flaps inward to form the box
On the front flap fold it over and punch an oval half way in
Stick that flap into back of the box tucking in and pull front flap forward,
Make a belly band out of DSP that measures 6 x 7, put around and secure with sticky strip at the end. This should be able to slide off and on.
Stamp the stamp you wish and the punch out a scallop circle punch.
Adhere to the belly band
And you are done

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My cute little puppy is getting big


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Rose Die: it is awesome

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I love my paper Pumpkin

Check out this.gteat video on it.

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Rose pin

Materials needed:
Pin back
Felt or soft paper green for leafs and your choice in color for the flower
Hot glue gun
Big shot
Spiral flower die

Die cut spiral flower die from felt or soft paper
Heat up your glue gun
Roll up flower with tweezers or a skewer.
Glue the end of flower but not the last circle
Glue on the pin back
Glue last flap over the pin to have the felt or soft paper cover the pin back
Cut leaves out of green
Glue leaves to front of flower to hide the pin back.
Easy right?
(Taken from Frances Martin)
Thank you


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Pot of Gold Box

Materials needed:
Gold Card stock
Extra-large oval Punch
2 1/2 inch circle punch
Half inch circle punch
Small heart punch
White gel pen
Black card stock
Real red, pumpkin pie, daffodil delight, gumball green Pacific point and purple card stock
Stinky strip
1 inch circle punch

Cut gold card stock 8×12
Score the short side at the top at 1 1/2 turn to opposite side and score at 1 1/2 again. Then turn and score at 1 1/2, 5 1/4, 6 3/4, and 11 1/2 inches
On the long side snip the lines up to the first score line.
Assemble the box with sticky strip
Use the 1 inch circle punch and punch a notch on yor front flap
Punch a 2 1/2 inch black circle and cut off the top about 1/2 inch down
Punch out 2 – half inch circles and adhere to the bottom of the 2 1/2 inch circle to form the pot
Add gold 1/2 inch circles to the top
Take a white gel pen and make small lines around the pot.
Punch out 6 rainbow color large ovals and adhere together, leaving 1/4 inch in between
Cut out a rainbow and adhere it to the pot and then adhere to the gold box.
Punch out 4 green small hearts and make a shamrock.
Adhere to the pot of gold and if you want you can put glitter on it.


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Stampin’Up sale of the week


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Roses in a Terracotta Pot


Materials needed:
Whisper white, pink pirouette, Melon mambo, gum all green card stock
Big shot
Terracotta pot
Pink pirouette, Melon mambo ink pads
Sponge dabber
Glue gun
Green wire
Quilling tool or skewers
Spiral flowers die

Die cut several spiral flower dies with the big shot
Some of them I inked the edges with ink
With quilling tool or a scewer start at the small end of the flower and roll it up.
Cut a desired length of wire, curl end to make a loop.
Heat up the glue gun
Pierce a hole in the base of the flower
Stick wire through the middle of the flower down through the base hole
Put a little hot glue in the middle and glue the base up around the flower.
I punched out a star and gave it veins
Pierce a hole in the middle. add through the wire and hot glues it to the flower
I made 12 of these and put them in a Terracotta pot with ribbon around it.


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